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Meet the team!


Gabriel Liljenström



Hans Liljenström

Scientific advisor 

Patricio Ruiz Vergara 2.jpeg

Patricio Ruiz Vergara

Strategic Public Outreach

Who we are

We want to deliver for the next generation society and we believe that the answers for our times greatest challenges are everywhere to be found. We strive to engage new audiences and reach out to people in power with the voices of a new generation.

Agendamakers AB was established in 2019 as an independent company. With a combined 40 years of experience in Public Affairs and Public Relations in Swedish politics, including the top levels of Swedish and European politics, we push for a more inclusive decision making process as well as amplifying voices.


We believe that everyone is able and willing to contribute to the fight against climate change and for a more inclusive society. In this we choose to work with innovative and forward-looking organisations. 


As a small independent company we take pride in working closely with our partners and we put a strong emphasis in finding new ways to reach new target groups.


We know that the future of the planet itself is at stake. Our mission is to make everyone believe they are a change agent. Our goal is to bring people and organisations together to build the next generation society.

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